Lower the cost of care, amplify its value, and increase access for everyone.

This is one of the few times in healthcare where everyone wins.

Hamilton Health Box’s unique hybrid care model makes bringing high-quality hands-on primary care to people from all walks of life possible. Our microclinics create an oasis of care in places where the economics of a traditional primary care model have been prohibitive – with a quicker startup time and for less cost than you’d think.

It’s what happens when simple math meets complex human behavior: Access to more convenient, better quality healthcare results in healthier populations, which pulls community wellness up while lowering total healthcare spending.

Connect with us to discover how Hamilton Health Box can be a crucial wellness driver for your team, community, or members.


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Why Hamilton Health Box?

We create a core of essential care by putting humans first and using technology to enhance it, not dilute it.

Provider Partners
For Provider Partners

Expand your footprint and successfully offer high-quality care in places it was never possible before. Serve more people in more places. Improve lives everywhere.

For Employers

Create personalized clinical programs just right for your business and employees, and know what’s driving your healthcare spend and improve your plans.

Payer Partners
For Payer Partners

Offer more to your customers and members. Add perks to your benefit design that boost enrollment and engagement and help individuals become accountable for their own healthy choices.

Meet a few of our partners in care.

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