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An Employer’s Guide to Onsite Clinic Care

eBook: An Employer’s Guide to Onsite Clinic Care

Medical inflation is a serious concern for today’s employers. Healthcare insurance costs are predicted to rise to a 10-year high of 8.4% in 2024, up from 5.4% in 2023. In addition, employees are failing to use preventive care services, and as a result, 75% of medical costs accrued by an organization are mostly due to preventable conditions. Yet, at the same time, 88% of job seekers said that they would give "some consideration" or "heavy consideration" to a lower-paying job with better benefits than a higher-paying job with fewer benefits.  

How can employers stabilize today’s rising healthcare costs for themselves and their employees while meeting the expectations of today’s workers?   

In this guide, we’ll explore how onsite health clinics can address gaps in primary care for employees while reducing the cost burden for your organization.

What's Inside

You’ll come away knowing: 

  • The role of innovative primary care models in lowering costs and increasing access
  • How onsite care can improve workplace health
  • The business case for onsite clinics
  • What the best corporate wellness programs have in common
  • The steps required to implement an onsite clinic
  • Strategies for engaging employees

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Inside An Employer's Guide to Onsite Care