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5 Myths of Controlling Self-Funded Plan Costs and Utilization 

Self-funded plans give employers a greater degree of flexibility and customization compared to traditional, fully insured plans. Ultimately, they’re a great option for companies looking to tailor health benefits, attract talent with unique offerings, and generate significant cost savings when health claims are lower than expected.  

5 Myths of Controlling Self-Funded Plan Costs and Utilization 

But, employers, do you really know how to effectively control costs of care to get the most out of your self-funded plan?   

In this report, we tackle five common myths about how to manage costs under your self-funded plan and proven strategies for keeping your employees healthier and more satisfied. 

You’ll come away with actionable steps to:  

  • Minimize the risk of preventable urgent care and emergency department utilization 
  • Identify which employees are likely to generate the largest total costs of care — and intervene before expenses spiral out of control 
  • Support employees to regain control of managing chronic care conditions and sticking to proven treatment plans
  • Adopt and implement self-funded health plans with as few as 300 employees and limited physical space
  • Discover how onsite care delivery approaches can help generate savings within the parameters of your existing plan 

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